The KIT Data Manager Repository Platform Documentation

This documentation describes the single components of the KIT Data Manager Research Data Repository Platform. KIT Data Manager (KIT DM) is a domain-agnostic platform for building up research data repositories for managing research data according to the FAIR principles. Therefor, globally agreed recommendations and standards, e.g. outcomes of the Research Data Alliance, are implemented and integrated into the platform. Due to the different requirements for a domain-agnostic platform, all components are designed as independent as possible from each other. This allows to use only components required by a particular use case. This reduced complexity and offers a high level of flexibility for current and future challenges in the field of research data management.

Collection API (Version 1.0)

Authors: Sabrine Chelbi, Thomas Jejkal

The Collection API is proposed by the RDA Recommendation on Research Data Collections doi: 10.15497/RDA00022. It can be used for building collections of digital objects independent from any repository in order to facilitate data interoperability, reuse and make collections actionable to be able to cope with ever increasing amounts and volumes of data.

1. What is Collection API?
A short overview of the Collection API.
2. Installation
Installation instructions.
3. Collection API Implementation
illustration of the service architecture.
4. How can the Collection API be used?
Steps towards realizing an example use case.